District 4 Sudbury, Manitoulin began in 1968. This is a vast district, and as it evolved the need for a second unit became apparent. The Manitoulin North Shore unit is located between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie and takes in the communities of Espanola, Massey, Spanish, Blind River, Elliot Lake and all of Manitoulin Island. District 4 usually hosts three general meetings a year (and sometimes a fourth. The District Community Award was renamed the Guill Archambault Award in 2008 in honor of District 4’s former president.


Members and growing


Members and growing

District 04 Sudbury & Manitoulin executive

Carmaine Hall

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District 04 Sudbury & Manitoulin volunteers

Name Role Email
Carmaine Hall President
Berthe Michon nit President
Roland Muzzatti First Vice-President
Deborah Lambert Unit Vice-President
Denise Dupuis Second Vice-President
Diane Bradley-E00-Secretary Secretary
Kathy Pilon Unit Secretary
Peter Stankiewicz Treasurer
Peter Stankiewicz Unit Treasurer
Nancy Albanese Member Services Coordinator
Monique Picard-Dubuc Goodwill Rep
Lucie Lalande Goodwill Rep
Elizabeth Budge Goodwill Rep
Elizabeth J Budge-I01- Unit Goodwill Rep Unit Goodwill Rep
Francine L Hurtubise-J00-Newsletter Editor Newsletter Editor
Claudette Bois Unit Newsletter Editor
Brenda Tessaro ealth Benefits Representative
Jenny Ross Unit Health Benefits Representative
Peter Niro-M00-PAC Rep PAC Rep
Diane Bradley-P00-Web Master Web Master
Carmaine Hall Corporate Member 1
Roland Muzzatti Corporate Member 2
Peter Stankiewicz Alternate 1
Geneva Ross Alternate 2
Denise Dupuis Governance
Nancy Albanese Social Media Rep
Juliette Lavoie Gaboury Social Media Rep
Claudette Gauvin Social Media Rep
Carmaine Hall (Collaborator) RPW Organizer
Nancy Albanese RPW Organizer

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